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The purpose of this Reading Circle/Blog is to serve as a platform for serious and inspirational study of the humanity of Christ—an issue that has divided Christianity into a variety of versions of the gospel and how men are saved for some 2,000 years. Our understanding of the human Christ impacts all teachings of the Scriptures, for the entire Bible speaks of Jesus of Nazareth—the Son of man, the Son of God.

In no way is this a narrow, restricted, or unimportant subject, for Jesus Christ was promised to the fallen human race in the Garden of Eden. He was committed, from even before the foundation of the world, to become, if necessary, the (human) Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world. He came to earth, taking our fallen, corrupt human nature, in order that in the hereafter, He can share with us His present glorified human nature. Thus, Christ’s humanity spans and impacts all of human experience from its inception to the present, and through its unmetered future.

The phrase Reading Circle is used in the Spirit of Prophecy to describe group reading sessions. It is a practice encouraged for the home:

“Fathers and mothers, obtain all the help you can from the study of our books and publications. Take time to read to your children. . . . Form a home reading circle, in which every member of the family shall lay aside the busy cares of the day, and unite in study. Especially will the youth who have been accustomed to reading novels and cheap storybooks receive benefit from joining in the evening family study.” Child Guidance, 38.

It is also advocated for use in out-reach work; where several families come together to read and study:

“After everything has been done that can be done during the two or three weeks of a camp meeting [evangelistic], let not the work come to a standstill. . . . Sometimes several families come together, and there is a little reading circle. Thus many are won to the truth who after their conversion unite with the force of workers and help others to accept it.” Manuscript 7, para. 14, (1900)

With the above in mind, this site will be serializing our publications on a chapter by chapter basis. Eventually, we will be able to offer Reading Circle programs where selected material is presented to a reader’s email inbox on a scheduled basis. For the present, all materials are presented on the buffet style.

The chapters from the selected book are presented in their sequence, and thus the book can be read in its entirety. One may read online the featured chapter, or, each chapter as viewed in the post may be downloaded for reading offline as a PDF, ePub, mobi, or Print file. Illustrated books have illustrated chapter versions available for free download at the end of each online chapter.  Thus, the various members, young and old alike, of a reading circle can have the chosen material in their preferred reading format.*

The One True Christ Blog will have intermittent posts on selected issues related to the topics of the various Reading Circle books. With study of the One True Christ as the foundation, all other religious topics are open for discussion, but with emphasis upon the major issues. Answers to any reader’s questions will be sought for and presented as able. We encourage users of this service to place constructive comments with the intent to help us to adhere to harmony with the revealed truths of the Bible, and as clarified by the Spirit of Prophecy. Please leave at least your initials and state/country with your comments.

It is hoped that this site will prove to be a great source of stimulating and inspiring material for lone and group readers alike.

*PDF files are fixed text and work best with large screens such as desktops, laptops, and large tablets. They can be read in Adobe Reader—free program, downloadable from the internet.
ePub and mobi files are flowable text and work great on the small screens such as most tablets and smart phones. They also work well on larger screens with the Adobe Digital Editions program—free downloadable from the internet. Kindle reading devices can use mobi files, and with a free app from the Amazon store they can also use the ePub files.

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