The humanity of Christ means everything to us—fallen humanity. Recent studies in the inspired sources have rediscovered clearer truth regarding man’s nature received from our fallen ancestors. This clearer understanding of ourselves explains greatly the humanity which Christ took when He became one of us.

This increased clarity of the human Christ impacts greatly the other key doctrines of Christianity. The purpose of this Reading Circle/blog is to share how all inspired statements regarding the human Christ are harmoniously applicable to “The One True Christ” and how it affects other critical teachings of the plan of salvation so important to all mankind.

The blog’s primary author, and website owner,—Vernon Sparks— is a 1962 graduate of Loma Linda University School of Medicine. He, with his wife Patricia and four children, spent thirteen years in the medical work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church The last three were as Medical Director of the Inter-American Division. The last twenty-nine years have been spent in editorial and desktop publishing  of a wide variety of books, articles, and tabloids.

The human nature of Christ has been an intriguing study for many years because of the apparent inability to harmonize seemly  contradictory, inspired statements. This recent study of the enmity promised by Christ to the very source of man’s fallen nature—Adam and Eve—is indeed a breath of fresh air.

Vernon Sparks
28 Sept. 2015