In Search of the One True Christ

Chapter #Chapter TitleReading Circle Link
00Preface & IntroductionView
01One Hundred Year Unity FragmentedView
02Favorite, Inspired Statements Used to Support the Pre-Fall PositionView
03Favorite, Inspired Statements Used to Support the Post-Fall PositionView
04Adventism’s Immaculate ConceptionView
05The Pre-Fall Nature of ManView
06The Effect of the Fall on Human NatureView
07Repeated Falls of MankindView
08The Human Inheritance of Christ View
09A Sinless Life in a Sinful NatureView
10Cutting the Gordian KnotView
11In ClosingView
12Vindicating GodView
13Forty-one Ellen White Statements that Directly Say Christ Took Man’s Post-Fall NatureView
14Words of the Pioneers on Christ’s Human NatureView
15Words of the Pioneers on Enmity by ChristView

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